briteVAULT only deploys Intel's fastest processors into production.  We never deploy a processor with a base clock speed of less than 3.0 GHz.  In each successive hardware refresh our priority has been to deliver a premium computing experience for our clients, at affordable prices.  Currently we are deploying Intel's generation of Xeon Scalable Processors, bringing unparalleled clock speeds and core counts to ensure our customer's workloads never suffer.


Dell/EMC has a track record


Hundreds of thousands of IOPs, all-NVMe storage with 25, 40, or 100gb storage fabrics.  N+1 at every layer, our storage chassis are fault-tolerant at the drive, controller, and chassis level.  Yes, we can lose an entire disk shelf and your workloads will continue to run.

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VMs are interconnected at 20 or 40 gbps, with redundant switching managing the speeds in the background.  Connect out to the internet on burstable circuits up to 10gbps.


Perimeter networks are guarded by Fortinet's industry leading Next Generation Firewall clusters.  Additionally, customers can elect to collocate their own security stack in front of their briteVAULT dedicated private cloud.  Either way, security is a top priority at briteVAULT.