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Full-Service Disaster Recovery

When your clients subscribe to briteVAULT's Disaster Recovery service, they are receiving an end-to-end DR solution for their cloud workloads.

Full-Service Disaster Recovery

There is a very unfortunate and dangerous false belief floating around these days: if you put your servers in AWS, Azure, or GPC [Google], your servers will be always-on regardless of the disaster that strikes the provider.  Nothing could be further from the truth!  That's why you need briteVAULT's Full Service Disaster Recovery subscription add-on.


briteVAULT's Full Service Disaster Recovery continuously replicates your production workloads to a different data center in a separate geographic region, far away from where your production workload is hosted.  Additionally, and just as importantly, briteVAULT invests in sufficient compute and RAM in the far site and reserves these resources for your workload.  This ensures that in the event of a disaster, your workloads will boot and run - unlike the public cloud {Remember at the start of the Pandemic hearing how AWS ran out of computing resources in some localities as companies attempted to bring up workloads?  That's why you need resources reserved for you!}

No Need for "DR" Expertise

Not only does briteVAULT ensure that it's DR clients have sufficient Compute, RAM, and all-flash storage to run their workloads in the event of a disaster, but briteVAULT also takes ownership of monitoring, managing, and repairing the health of the continuous DR replication.  This is an expensive skill-set and will cost you dearly should you try to build DR yourself in some other provider's environment.  Need to test your DR workloads in briteVAULT?  No problem - annual testing is included with briteVAULT's DR subscription.

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