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Increase The Bottom Line
Increase The Bottom Line

In an MSP business, your profitability increases the longer you retain a client.  This is because as time goes on, your high cost of sales to land that client gets off-set by more and more monthly revenue you capture from that client the longer they are with you.  briteVAULT has a phenomenally high client-retention rate - above 95% year over year.  When you partner with briteVAULT, you are placing your clients on a platform with a proven track record of making clients happy for the long haul.  The longer they are with you, the more profitable your business.  The more profitable your business, the more your horizons open before you.  It's a win-win.  Add to that our CASH for MSP's Promo, and you've just thrown a pile of cash to your bottom line.

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