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Architectural Overview

Your briteVAULT environment is highly resilient, resistent to ransomware, and delivers blistering performance. 

briteVAULT Logical Architecture
Architectural Overview

briteVAULT's cloud fabric was built from the ground-up with one fundamental assumption: everything fails eventually.  Working from this sobering mindset we have built a cloud environment to be resilient, with self-healing, self-recovering mechanisms.  Every production workloads reside on triple-redundant all-flash storage: two data sets in the production data center and one data set in the DR data center.  All briteVAULT Virtual Machines are highly available, which means that if the host running an instance fails, that instance boots on a stand-by host in a matter of seconds.  Furthermore, this mechanism creates a natural resilience to ransomware, empowering customers to have their workloads booted in seconds to a point-in-time prior to the encryption event (Read more HERE).  All data paths are also fully-redundant, with multiple internet providers, multiple firewalls, multiple switches, multiple hosts, multiple storage arrays, and multiple data centers.  This is so that even if an event takes an entire data center off-line, we can fail you over to another data center to get your systems back up and operational (requires Disaster Recovery Subscription).  And best yet, you don't need to staff a team who knows how to do it - it's all included with your briteVAULT subscription.

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