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Event: Ready to leave the public cloud? Join us for drinks and apps and learn how briteVAULT and Cyxtera have partnered to deploy single-tenant private cloud

At this event you will learn how briteVAULT and Cyxtera deliver a compelling alternative to the AWS/Azure/GCP public cloud. Security, flexibility, performance, price, and our single-tenant architecture are all key factors in recent clients migrating to briteVAULT.  Discover how our solution can empower your private or hybrid-cloud strategy.  Sign-up to learn more!

Event Details: Rhein Haus, November 10th @4pm Pacific, 912 12th Ave. Seattle, WA 98122


- $100 Amazon Gift Card to first 3 attendees to have a follow-up discovery meeting

- 12 month Breitling Luxury Watch Subscription to any attendee who subscribes to $1000+/mo of briteVAULT services

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