Private Cloud Overview

As an MSP, you have the team to manage virtual infrastructure.  But how much time would you save, if we did that for you - at no additional cost? Monitoring backups and fixing failures; modifying firewall rules and managing VPN connections; maintaining application high availability with regular snap-shots that don't balloon your client's storage bill; building, monitoring, and remediating far-site Disaster Recovery Replication to another availability zone.  Your briteVAULT private cloud gives you the tools and access to do all of this yourself - or - we can do all of this for you at no additional cost!  These end-to-end services are included in your customer's cloud subscription - no up-charges or hidden fees.  Big MSP's like you receive a wholly-dedicated private cloud that is tailor made for your needs.  No hardware is shared with other MSP's or other customers who are not your customers.   Intel's fastest processors, hundreds of thousands of IOPs, all-flash storage, 25, 56 or 100gb storage fabric, 10, 25, or 50gb network fabric, N+1 at every layer, N+2 compute and storage, and a dedicated firewall cluster.  The environment is fully yours and dedicated to you and you alone, and can be deployed in any US-based data center.  Read more details below.

Dedicated Private Clouds
100% Private

A briteVAULT's private cloud is custom-built to each customer with all hardware, software, interconnects, uplinks, firewalls, compute, storage, networking - everything - dedicated to you and you alone.  Every component, at every layer, is only used by you.  The security and performance ramifications of such an architecture are breathtaking.  No noisy neighbors impacting your environment; full control and access to all of the performance built into the environment.  Performance which, we might add, is substantial.  Scroll down to hear about what you'll have at your disposal.


Your briteVAULT is built with the very best and fastest components on the market.  Before we give you the run-down on how awesome our briteVAULT architecture is, please bear in mind that we deliver this at up to 70% less than what you'd acquire this with Microsoft Azure.  70%! (See here for proof).  With that in mind, here are the hardware specs we deploy: Intel's fastest XEON processors with no processor deployed slower than 3 GHz.  Compute hosts are connected at 25gb, 50gb, or 100gb, depending on requirements. Couple that with a multi-chassis resilient storage fabric using all-flash media, 100gb interconnectivity, and a performance rating of 1 Million to 13.2MM IOPs!


Perhaps one of the most-loved features of briteVAULT for big MSP's is that your cloud is unmetered.  We do not measure or charge for your usage within your briteVAULT.  Need to hammer your CPUs?  No charge.  Need to process millions of storage transactions at full 100gbps line speed at peak IOPs?  No charge.  Need to spin up additional Virtual Machines and reallocate resources from one VM to another?  No charge.  Is your briteVAULT already at 100% CPU allocation and you want to overprovision your CPU allocation to add some additional VMs to your environment?  No charge.  See, at briteVAULT, we make the consumption of your private cloud resources as easy and customer-centric as we possibly can.  It's already 100% your environment and no one else's - do with it as you please!

Built for Windows

briteVAULT Stands in a unique position in the private cloud marketplace by offering such a potent solution that is tailored to the Microsoft Windows environment.  Deep integration into the Microsoft Windows Server environment of each Windows VM in our briteVAULT cloud means that your Windows VMs will be more stable, boot more quickly, recover more reliably, and migrate to other hosts more smoothly than if you ran your VMs in the Linux-based clouds of the world.  Windows-aware VM-related tasks like snapshots, replication, and storage calls run like butter in our environment.  Automate your Windows and Linux VMs using our Windows Azure Pack API.  Microsoft's Linux Integration Services ensure your Linux VMs run well too!

Cost Effective

The proof is in the pudding.  When you work with a briteVAULT client advocate to help you properly size your briteVAULT and ensure that it is best-suited to your needs, you'll discover measurable, significant savings over buying resources from AWS or Azure.  For example, our Medium briteVAULT, which delivers 3TB of RAM, 600 vCPU, 67.2TB all-flash NVMe storage with 3.7MM IOPs, will save you 55% over Azure!  Additionally, we believe so strongly in the power of our solution that your engagement with us is month-to-month after only an initial 3 month commitment.  Contact us today to put together a custom-built briteVAULT solution and you'll be able to immediately see the savings!

Flexible & Agile

Want your briteVAULT deployed in a data center of your choosing?  No problem.  Want to collocate some gear to interoperate with your briteVAULT?  No problem.  Want us to deploy some physical hosts in addition to virtual?  No problem.  Want us to deploy NVIDIA's latest Volta GPUs?  No Problem.  Want to cross-connect circuits into your briteVAULT from your preferred ISP?  No problem.  Your briteVAULT architecture is designed from the ground-up to be flexible and agile, allowing us to partner together in building the perfect solution for your needs.  How great is that?!

Choose Your Enterprise briteVAULT Cloud


  • 200 - 1050 GB RAM

  • 100-300 Intel Xeon vCPU @ 3GHz

  • SATA, SAS, or NVMe Flash

  • 25gb - 50gb storage fabric 

Extra Small Example


  • 1050 - 5250 GB RAM

  • 300-1050 Intel Xeon vCPU @ 3GHz

  • SATA, SAS, or NVMe Flash

  • 100gb Storage

Medium Example


  • 5250 - 22,500+ GB RAM

  • 1050 - 2250+ Intel Xeon vCPU @ 3GHz

  • SATA, SAS, or NVMe Flash

  • 100gb Storage

Large Example
  • 240 GB RAM

  • 64 Intel Xeon vCPU @3.2 GHz

  • Unlimited Windows VMs

  • 14TB all-flash storage

    • 25gbps storage fabric

    • Redundant storage chassis

    • 225k IOPs in a real-world 70/30 Read/Write Blend

  • N+1 Compute and Storage

  • Clustered Firewalls

  • 30TB Backup storage

  • Veeam Backup Included

  • Deployed out of our Southern California Data Center

  • Microsoft Azure Price: $12,451

  • Your MSP Price: $5,506

  • Your MSP Cash Bonus: $13,214

  • 3,000 GB RAM

  • 600 Intel Xeon vCPU @3 GHz

  • Unlimited Windows VMs

  • 67.2TB all-flash storage

    • 100% PCIe NVMe Drives

    • 100gbps storage fabric

    • Five storage chassis

    • 3.7MM IOPs in a real-world 70/30 Read/Write Blend

  • N+2 Compute and Storage

  • Clustered firewalls

    • 20gbps rated throughput​

  • Fully dedicated rack

  • 270TB Backup storage

  • Veeam Backup Included

  • We can deploy and manage in any commercial data center

  • Microsoft Azure Price: $216,166

  • briteVAULT Price: INQUIRE

  • 11,250 GB RAM

  • 2250 Intel Xeon vCPU @3 GHz

  • Unlimited Windows VMs

  • 337TB all-flash storage

    • 100% PCIe NVMe Drives

    • 100gbps storage fabric

    • 16 storage chassis

    • 13.2MM IOPs in a real-world 70/30 Read/Write Blend

  • N+2 Compute and Storage

  • 50gbps Networking

  • Clustered Firewalls

    • 36gbps rated throughput​

  • Fully dedicated racks

  • 1PB Backup storage

  • Veeam Backup Included

  • We can deploy and manage in any commercial data center

  • Microsoft Azure Price: $750,017

  • briteVAULT Price: INQUIRE


Ultimate flexibility; ultimate performance.  Your briteVAULT can be deployed in any data center and deliver you the ultimate in unmetered, affordable performance.  Are you ready to take the next step with briteVAULT and learn more about our briteVAULT private cloud offering?  Contact us to begin to work with our team on building the properly suited private cloud solution for your business needs!