Hosted Applications

Tired of poor application performance?  Are your users complaining of lagging response time, recurring outages, or are you plagued by the nagging suspicion that your application only lives on one server in one location? By hosting your applications in our multi-state, multi-data center platform your applications will love their new home as they live as they were meant to live - unencumbered, fast, and always on. Even if your application lacks a web front-end for users to interact with it, there are still tools we can use to publish it in the cloud so your application can be available securely on any device, at any time, from anywhere.

Small Business Solutions

Cloud Infrastructure (IaaS)

The coup de gras of cloud computing - get rid of all of your servers and rid yourself of the headache of managing your own infrastructure!  Moving onto the briteVAULT platform ensures that your applications and data exist in redundant servers, on redundant storage, with redundant networking, protected with redundant firewalls, connected to redundant multi-carrier internet.  And if that isn't enough, we then replicate all of your systems to an out-of-state data center.  This is infrastructure built right - by briteVAULT.

Fault Tolerant Virtual Machines

briteVAULT Fault Tolerant Virtual Machines offer extreme uptime to applications that demand it, and extreme resiliency to databases that are sensitive to host failure.  All briteVAULT virtual machines are configured, by default, as highly available. This means that for every briteVAULT virtual machine you deploy into production, we buy enough server power to run it thrice - two in our production data center and one in an out-of-state data center.  If the server running your virtual machine dies, your virtual machine will boot on the stand-by server in seconds.  However, even such little downtime is unacceptable in certain situations.  Enter briteVAULT Fault Tolerant Virtual Machines.  Powerful technology enables your virtual machine to automatically, without downtime, without data loss, switch from one host to another in real-time, without interruption of service.  Business-critical applications as well as the Oracle, SQL, or other databases that stand behind them are ideal candidates to use briteVAULT Fault Tolerant Virtual Machines.

Hybrid Cloud

Your business needs require you to retain some premise equipment but you also see the benefits of deploying some of your applications and data into the cloud.  briteVAULT's hybrid cloud solution empowers your organization to meet both of these business requirements.  Deploy your applications that require the high-availability of our multi-state architecture.  Additionally, utilize our high-performance all-flash storage and high clock speed hosts to deploy your applications that need the speed.  Hybrid cloud deployments empower you to determine which applications can remain on-premise and which can deploy in our cloud.  The briteVAULT hybrid cloud empowers you with the choice.

Virtual Desktops

Deliver a full desktop experience to your users on any device, at any time, wherever they are in the world. Because your virtual desktops run in the same high-performance, all-flash briteVAULT environment, your users will be able to perform their work with ease. This is powerful technology, enabling your business to onboard new employees in minutes, launch entire new offices in under a day, resulting in major cost savings. Traditional IT architecture makes these business decisions carry a heavy cost-burden, whereas briteVAULT's virtual desktops lowers the costs considerably.  This gives your business the agility it needs to increase your competitive edge.