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Our Story



Originally founded in 2007 as a Managed Services Provider, briteVAULT's resilient cloud platform grew out of the realization that MSP's no longer needed to bear the pain, risk, and cap-ex burden of building, managing, repairing, and upgrading their own server farms.  At the same time, as we built and deployed ever-more savvy computing infrastructures for our customers, we began to realize that not only were we good at enterprise-grade deployments, we were world-class at it.  Upon coming to market with our first cloud offerings, the competitive landscape reaffirmed this belief and cemented it as our reality and founding story: we deliver excellent, cutting-edge, resilient, fast, reliable, and recoverable cloud solutions.


Ryon Ellis - CEO

Ryon is passionate about delivering an exceptional cloud computing experience that performs brilliantly and can recover from the worst of technological disasters.  His focus on performance and architectural resiliency is the blood that his company's heart beats on.  When Ryon is not playing in the clouds he is happily occupied with his wife and children who keep him fun-loving and creative.


David Hartshorne - CFO

Mr. David S. Hartshorne served as a Controller of Kirkhill Aircraft Parts Company (KAPCO) for nearly 17 years, retiring in 2005. Since leaving KAPCO, Mr. Hartshorne has actively worked with small business owners in Orange County to implement exit strategies focused around an ESOP model. He serves as a Director of The Management Trust and volunteers his CFO talents for a number of non-profits such as Arise N Shine Transitional Living and The National Christian Foundation. Mr. Hartshorne attended the University of Colorado, Boulder, Leeds School of Business, where he received his Bachelor of Science in Business with an Accounting and Finance major.

Matthew Fullerton - Advisory Board Chair

Matthew's years in the hospitality industry was excellent preparation for joining a computer systems integrator focused on that market. Matthew quickly became a principal at Merchants Systems, increasing sales exponentially while developing and executing a business plan that led to multi-state operations.

Matthew now spends his time leading numerous CEOs to higher performance and more fulfilling lives.  He is passionate about business and helping these leaders live the abundant life God has planned for them.

Elyas Balta - Advisory Board

Elyas Balta, CEO of Euroline Steel Windows & Doors, graduated magna cum laude with a degree in applied physics.  He started his career in the fiber optics industry in both research and start-up companies.  Upon founding Euroline, Elyas’ passion for innovation and ethical business has enabled him to bring new ideas to the steel windows and doors industry.  Both his company's products and satisfaction of his customers are setting new standards, where every client is expected to have a 'Wow' experience.

Hiro Isogawa - Advisory Board

Originally from Japan, Hiro graduated from Kyoto University and worked for NEC Corporation in the Human Resources International and Overseas Marketing Division. After graduating from the American Graduate school of International management, he worked as a tax deferral investment packager and then at KPMG Peat Marwick in the tax department. In 1998 Hiro founded Two Miles, a Tax, Accounting, and Financial Services Outsourcing firm where they focus on going the extra mile to help businesses maximize their potential.

Robert Grimm - Advisory Board

Robert Grimm brings to his clients over seventeen years of professional experience in the financial industry. Robert became a Wealth Management Advisor in order to help individuals, families and business owners navigate their financial state of affairs by creating and implementing long term vision. This frees his clients to focus on the things in their lives that they're most passionate about and that matter most.

Robert feels the most important element of his career has been his desire to have a long term positive impact on the lives of people he works with and for.

Vincent Huang - Advisory Board

Vincent runs a distribution company serving independent prepaid wireless dealers. He is passionate about building a strong work culture that challenges mature people to grow personally and work smarter. 


He is originally from Taiwan and grew up in Los Angeles. He and his wife Jovy have two children and live in Dallas, TX and Orange County. 


briteVAULT Mission Statement

briteVAULT exists to Honor the Lord Jesus Christ by delivering exceptional cloud computing solutions.

briteVAULT Vision Statement

briteVAULT will be great, as measured by double-digit year-over-year growth, a customer satisfaction rating of 95% or better, and stakeholder turn-over of less than 5%.

briteVAULT Values

- Integrity: Do the right thing, always.

- Honesty: Tell the truth, even if it makes you look bad.

- Humility: Honor others rather than yourself.

- Knowledge: Be an expert in your chosen field.

briteVAULT Core Beliefs

We believe we should be hard workers who love life, love our families, and love producing an exceptional work product.  We believe that people have infinite value, and that each person has unique strengths.  We encourage our stakeholders (we don’t call them employees) to invest in themselves in discovering these strengths - what they were born to do.  We believe that when people come together in small teams with each member working in their strengths, unbelievable results will follow.  We believe that an organization’s culture is what drives and determines the success of that organization.  We believe that culture is a natural by-product of the core values and beliefs of that organization.  We agree with Peter Drucker that “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.”  We believe that building a great company requires that all the stakeholders exist to serve and champion each other and each client.  We believe that when we empower and serve each other to work in our strengths, and when we are all working toward the common objective of building something great, we will discover greatness in the process.  We also believe that greatness is not a destination, but a series of destinations.  We will never ‘arrive’, because then we’d be tempted to rest on our laurels.  We will always be striving to push toward the next level, to be even better than we were the day before.  In this way, we will be great.

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