Enterprise & Mid-Market private Cloud

An Enterprise briteVAULT is a 100%-private, ultra-performance, unmetered, cheaper-than-the-hyperscalers (ie AWS and Azure) by up to 60%, built-to-suit hosted cloud for mid-market and enterprise customers who want their cake and eat it too!  Intel's fastest processors, millions of IOPs, Dell EMC multi-chassis all-flash storage, 100gb storage fabric, 100gb network fabric, clustered hardware firewalls, N+1 at every layer, and absolutely no shared hardware, software, or anything.  The environment is fully yours and dedicated to you and you alone, and can be deployed in any US-based data center, not just a briteVAULT data center.  (Contact us if you'd like one deployed in another country).  Read more details here.

If you're entire workload runs less than 200 GB of RAM, then our Public Cloud is right for you.  Intel's fastest processors, all-flash storage, clustered hardware firewalls, N+1 at every layer.  Learn about it here!  For workloads with over 200 GB of RAM you'll want to consider our Enterprise solution: a custom briteVAULT.  Offered at the same price as our public cloud but with a myriad of more performance and other benefits!