Your briteVAULT small business public cloud servers are automatically duplicated and deployed to at least two data centers separated by major geographic distance. All servers are stored on all-flash redundant storage arrays in at least two states and everything is synchronized at regular 15 minute intervals, with global reach, around the clock. All data centers are carrier-neutral, audited, fully-redundant facilities. Security and customer segregation are top priorities. All customer virtual machines are completely siloed, with no cross-contamination, no shared directories, file servers, database servers, or application servers; each customer is deployed in their own private environment.


Built To Survive

briteVAULT's cloud fabric was built from the ground-up with one fundamental assumption: everything fails eventually.  Working from that sobering mindset we have built a cloud environment to be resilient, with self-healing, self-recovering mechanisms.  Every customer virtual machine and data set resides on triple-redundant all-flash storage: two data sets in the production data center and one data set in the replica data center.  All briteVAULT Virtual Machines are highly available, which means that if the host running an instance fails, that instance boots on a stand-by host in a matter of seconds.  Furthermore, for customers requiring even higher levels of availability, we offer Fault Tolerant VMs. (Read more about our Fault Tolerant Virtual Machines here).  All data paths are also fully-redundant, with multiple internet providers, multiple firewalls, multiple switches, multiple hosts, multiple storage arrays, and multiple data centers.  This is so that even if an event takes an entire data center off-line, we can fail you over to another data center to get your systems back up and operational.  And best yet, you don't need to staff a team who knows how to do it - it's all included with your briteVAULT subscription.

Built to Perform

In addition to the resilience tailored into the core of our fabric is a belief that performance should not be reserved for the elite.  Your briteVAULT virtual machines and applications run in an all-flash environment using Intel's XEON v3 and v4 processors.  Our architects can design solutions to surgically deliver over 1,000,000 IOPs to your most demanding servers, databases, and applications.  On the compute side, your briteVAULT virtual machines can run at clock speeds over 3 GHz.  And the best news about having all of this performance at your fingertips is that it's available at a reasonable price.

Built To Reach

You have offices scattered around the US and perhaps even beyond.  briteVAULT's data centers are strategically located at key fiber interconnects that offer low latency for the global spread represented by our customer base.  It's important to our customers that their applications and data are available in near-real-time no matter where an employee is logging-in from.  Our geographic capstones allow us to service this customer requirement.  With customers with offices in every US time zone, Hawaii, Tokyo, and the Philippines, briteVAULT's low-latency network is well suited to deliver your services to your employees no matter where they are connected.



These Technology Giants are who we have built our success upon. We chose each one because they represent the pinnacle of knowledge and expertise in the specific practice area in which they are deployed in our environment. They have proven themselves a capable and dependable resource.